Raw Material Suppliers Modules


Supplier Modules for Enhanced Efficiency

The platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools and resources, enabling suppliers to thrive in today's competitive landscape. These modules empower suppliers to operate efficiently, uphold quality standards, and engage with a global marketplace effectively.

Supplier Profile

  • Your Profile, Your Brand: Craft a compelling supplier profile, showcasing your business values, certifications, and sustainability initiatives, reinforcing your brand's credibility.
  • Compliance Assurance: Keep your profile up-to-date with your compliance certificates, demonstrating your commitment to adhering to industry regulations and standards.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Attract potential buyers with your transparent profile, offering a comprehensive overview of your capabilities, certifications, and sustainable practices.

Order Management

  • Efficient RFQ Handling: Streamline your request for quotation (RFQ) management. Receive, process, and respond to RFQs swiftly, enhancing your responsiveness and competitiveness.
  • Digital Price Quoting: Generate digital price quotes effortlessly. Provide accurate quotes, considering buyer requirements and terms, boosting your chances of successful transactions.
  • Secure E-Contracts: Ensure secure agreements with digital contracts. Create, review, and e-sign contracts, ensuring clarity and legality in your transactions.

Production Planning

  • Optimized Scheduling: Plan production tasks efficiently, assigning resources and timelines for each step in the process. Maintain a smooth workflow to meet deadlines and exceed buyer expectations.
  • Precise Raw Material Procurement: Receive detailed Bill of Material (BOM) lists with exact quantity requirements. Procure raw materials, aligning with production schedules for timely deliveries.
  • Cost Management: Calculate production costs accurately for each step. Monitor expenses closely to improve cost-efficiency while maintaining product quality.

Quality Control Assurance

  • Rigorous Material Checks: Implement stringent quality control (QC) processes for raw materials. Ensure that all incoming materials meet your quality standards before proceeding with production.
  • Manufacturing Process QC: Continuously monitor manufacturing processes to maintain consistency and quality standards throughout production, minimizing defects and rework.

Shipping and Delivery

  • Streamlined Shipping: Optimize shipping processes to ensure on-time deliveries to buyers. Create invoices and delivery slips automatically, reducing manual paperwork and delays.

Near Real-Time Data-Driven Insights

  • Actionable Analytics: Leverage near real-time reporting and analytics to gain valuable insights into your operations. Make data-backed decisions to enhance efficiency and profitability.

Warehouse and Inventory Management

Efficiently Manage Your Inventory with Precision and Ease
  • Near Real-Time Inventory Tracking:
    Monitor your inventory levels in near real-time to avoid overstocking or stockouts.
    Receive alerts for low inventory to promptly restock and meet customer demands.
  • Order Management:
    Streamline your order processing within the warehouse for efficient workflows.
    Easily track and process orders, ensuring timely fulfillment and delivery.
  • Automated Stock Updates:
    Enable automatic updates to your stock levels with each transaction, reducing manual efforts.
    Keep accurate records of your stock, reflecting near real-time changes.
  • Optimized Storage Allocation:
    Utilize smart algorithms to allocate the most suitable storage location for each item.
    Optimize your storage space, reducing clutter, and enhancing warehouse efficiency.
  • Integration with Sales and Procurement:
    Seamlessly integrate inventory data with sales and procurement processes for comprehensive insights.
    Enable automatic updates in inventory levels as orders are processed or new stock is procured.
  • Inventory Forecasting:
    Leverage advanced analytics to predict future inventory needs based on historical data and market trends.
    Enhance decision-making regarding stock replenishment and order planning.
  • Auditing and Compliance:
    Implement regular audits within the warehouse to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations.
    Maintain accurate records of all transactions and activities for auditing purposes.
  • Customized Reporting:
    Generate customizable reports on inventory turnover, sales trends, and other critical metrics.
    Analyze these reports to make informed decisions about inventory management and stock levels.
  • Barcode and RFID Integration:
    Incorporate barcode or RFID technology to enhance tracking and management of inventory.
    Speed up processes like stocktaking and order fulfillment with automated scanning.
  • Seamless Integration with Other Modules:
    Integrate warehouse and inventory data with other modules such as procurement and order management.
    Ensure a smooth flow of information and processes across the entire system for efficient operations.

Rating System for Excellence

  • Feedback Collection: Collect feedback from buyers regarding the quality of products and the overall transaction experience, ensuring continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.
  • Transparent Performance: commitment to excellence, instilling confidence in potential buyers and reinforcing your brand's reputation in the market.

Worker Safety

  • Incident Reporting: Streamline reporting of workplace incidents, ensuring a safe and secure working environment.
  • Health and Safety Compliance: Monitor compliance with health and safety regulations to prioritize worker well-being and maintain a safe workplace.
  • Training and Certifications Tracking: Monitor and track employee training and certifications to ensure a skilled and competent workforce, essential for maintaining a safe workplace.

Comprehensive Business Management Suite

Effortless Management of Business Operations for excellence .

CRM (Customer Relationship Module) and Customer Engagement

  • CRM Dashboard: Centralized dashboard for managing customer interactions, tracking communications, and understanding customer needs.
  • Opportunity Management: Efficiently manage sales opportunities, aiding in strategic decision-making and revenue growth.


  • Streamlined Accounting: Seamlessly handle accounting tasks like accounts receivable (A/R), accounts payable (A/P), and expense tracking, ensuring financial accuracy.
  • Near Real-Time Financial Reporting: Access near real-time financial reports for informed decision-making and strategic financial planning.

HR (Human Resource) Module

  • Personnel Management: Efficiently manage employee information, including contact details, role, and responsibilities.
  • Compliance Monitoring: Monitor and ensure adherence to fair labor practices, promoting ethical employment within the organization.
  • Work Hour Tracking: Track employee work hours to ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations, promoting fair work practices.

Supplier Selection

  • Reliable Supplier Recognition: Gain recognition as a premium supplier. Showcase your commitment to quality, compliance, and sustainability, attracting more discerning buyers.
  • Access to Premium Materials: Identify and access premium raw materials, expanding your product offerings and appealing to buyers seeking top-quality materials.
These modules empower suppliers to operate efficiently, uphold quality standards, and engage with a global marketplace effectively. Sourcing Ease offers a comprehensive suite of tools and resources, enabling suppliers to thrive in today's competitive landscape.


Request for quotation can be sent within a few minutes through our system.

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  • Receive RFQs from authentic buyers with complete detail and attached images and files .
  • Buyer’s Terms and conditions are attached with the RFQ .
  • RFQ includes the details of the product and quantity required by the buyer.
  • RFQ also states the last date of submitting the quote.
  • The Delivery date is mentioned in the RFQ as well.
Sourcing Ease is efficient and time-saving. Time is money.

Price Quote

Create the Price Quote with a few clicks with all the required data, automatic calculation , and terms.

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Sourcing Ease is efficient and time-saving. Time is money.

Price Quote

  • Create Price Quotes according to the requirements of the buyer.
  • Tax percentage, Discount percentage , and Transport percentage can also be added to calculate the price of the product.
  • Calculations are done automatically yet accurately by the system and selling price is visible after that.
  • Add your terms and conditions, and send the price quote to the buyer in a few clicks.

Order Shipment

Request for quotation can be sent within a few minutes through our system.

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Sourcing Ease is efficient and time-saving. Time is money.

Automatic Document Creation

  • Receive approved Quotes / Orders from the buyer with his digital signatures on the Agreement.
  • Sign digitally on the Agreement and manufacture the order.
  • Ship the manufactured goods to the buyer by filling the Delivery Challan.

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