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Supply chain Features

A Complete Software Solution for the textile industry that automatizes all your business processes with an integrated and easy to use application.

Sustainable Extended Textile Supply Chain Management

Earn a competitive advantage by making lengthy supply chains more flexible and responsive.
Sourcing Ease is the latest technology solution to digitally connect all the supply chain participants in the Garment Industry. Real-time data integration helps you reallocate resources and costs to respond to sustainability, environmental changes, and carbon emissions. This is achieved by merging different information systems such as procurement, inventory, production, and sales. When there are changes in one node, they are instantly reflected in other areas. It is a holistic system that helps ensure the availability of raw materials and production capabilities in different regions by creating an optimal distribution network among partners.
Sourcing Ease is the digital transformation platform you have been looking for to optimize your business performance. Its cloud solution connects all of your nodes in the supply chain so you can maximize production, meet customer demands, and increase profits. With Sourcing Ease, your entire business will run like a well-oiled machine.

Digital Transformation

We are here to help the textile industry businesses in reaching the digital transformation goals. We will guide, train, and plan your Digital Transformation processes to make them Efficient, Paper Free, Secure, Quick and speedy, and Accurate with Quality controlled Production. All these traits of an enterprise appeal to the Customers and take your enterprise to new heights.
Your Supply Chain can become more efficient with the use of digital technology, making your business processes quicker, secure, and paper-free. Using digitization and automation, you’ll be able to save time and money while increasing accuracy, speed, and quality control as a whole. These benefits will fuel a technological advancement that will help your business grow — or at the very least, keep it from dying an untimely death.

Sustainability By Sourcing Ease

Sourcing Ease focuses on saving our planet through its technology platform. Close collaboration throughout the Extended Supply Chain for sustainable practices. Helping companies learn, adopt, implement, manufacture sustainable products by using sustainable raw materials, labor, and other practices. Adopt and implement sustainability now or Die.-------
We collect data through our extended digital supply chain’s users to enhance sustainability and visibility. This approach helps produce sustainable green products for the end-users. The data obtained through the digital platform on consumption samples of materials, logistics, and warehousing can be used to calculate sustainability reports for the user and map the carbon emissions throughout the ecosystem.
We're focused on providing companies with the tools they need to build products that are not only environmentally friendly, but also cost-effective for the long run. Our technology platform helps companies learn about their options for sustainable materials, labor practices, and other practices that can be implemented into their manufacturing process.


Looking to source textile products from multiple suppliers? Sourcing Ease has got you covered. Our platform provides a collaborative environment that allows you to work with other supply chain members to enhance communication and execution. By sharing information amongst the collaborative partners, everyone in the supply chain benefits from increased knowledge and efficiency. As a result, this will lead to reduced inventory levels, higher inventory turnover rates, and lower transportation and warehousing costs. With Sourcing Ease, each stakeholder in the supply chain can collaborate and share information in near real-time to maximize benefits and minimize costs.


Supply chain visibility (SCV) is the ability of parts, components or products in transit to be tracked from manufacturer to final destination. The goal of SCV is to improve and strengthen the supply chain by making data readily available to all stakeholders, including the customer.
Sourcing Ease lets the Supply Chain be more trackable, traceable and transparent. The platform allows you to ensure that the product is tracked from raw material to the end customer, ensuring quality, authenticity, reliability, and sustainability. The data is available for all stakeholders and potential customers who can benefit from this information. This helps companies strengthen their supply chains at little cost. You can track the physical status of your order/ Production/ shipment easily.


Empower Your Supply Chain with Cutting-Edge Web-Based Technology.
Our utilization of the latest in web-based technology transforms supply chain management by significantly reducing manual workloads. This modern approach streamlines operations and trims hardware and storage expenses.
Experience accelerated data exchange within your supply chain ecosystem, enabling faster decision-making and response times. Web-based technology simplifies information management while ensuring data accuracy by cross-referencing product information from various sources. This can help eliminate the need for manual inventory tracking of past orders, save on storage costs, and eliminate the burden of constant updates.
Embrace technology to optimize sourcing, simplify supply chain management, and minimize manual interventions. Efficient data transfer means quicker, more agile processes, propelling your operations into the future.


Your information is secure on this platform. We have designed this application to safeguard your data and privacy from any third party who might access or use it without your knowledge. Your company details are exclusively accessible to you and are not disclosed to any unauthorized individuals.
When selecting an e-commerce platform, it's crucial to assess the safety of the stored information. You can do this by reviewing the platform's privacy policy. We have taken steps to ensure that all your information is and will remain secure, preventing any leaks or hacks.
We take data security very seriously, and we have implemented strong measures to protect all information on this platform. No one can access your company’s data without your permission.


Innovation is the key to business success. That means finding new ways to tap into your market's potential. Our team of experts will help you identify the latest trends and challenges in your industry, from product design to marketing concepts. Then, we'll show you how you can apply these insights to improve your business's performance—because everyone has the potential to be an innovator.
Sourcing Ease strives to provide the best solutions for your business problems by adopting new techniques, strategies, and technologies.
The company has a pool of experts dedicated to offering innovative solutions and value-added services for clients. At Sourcing Ease, we believe in constant growth and innovation to make your business efficient, productive, and profitable.
Whether you are an organization trying to develop a new product, create an offer for the first time, or want to implement technology, Sourcing Ease can assist you in achieving your goals.
If you're committed to sustainable sourcing with innovation, Sourcing Ease is here to assist you. Our focus is on innovation, aiding businesses of all sizes in boosting profits and online efficiency.

Business Growth

Our Business Technology Platform is a powerful tool that helps you achieve your business goals. This platform will help you to expand the business horizon and increase the market value of your company for more opportunities for growth and enhance your chances at the market. This product helps you to increase visibility, brand recognition and provide them with more details about your company, reducing the risks of getting late on customers and letting them know about new products in your catalog. Your ratings will show customers the power behind this service and help them decide to order from you rather than another competitor!

Marketplace by Sourcing Ease

Sourcing Ease has the premier marketplace for sustainable supply chain management in the textile and apparel industry. Joining our marketplace offers you a world of opportunities to streamline your procurement processes, optimize sourcing strategies, and drive sustainability. With our platform, you'll gain access to a network of trusted suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers, ensuring transparency, compliance, and ethical practices throughout the supply chain. Join us today and be part of the movement towards responsible sourcing, where you can enhance efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and meet the demands of conscious consumers. Together, we can revolutionize the textile industry and create a more sustainable future.

Efficiency Is Our Goal

Sourcing Ease has digitized and automated all the business processes to achieve optimal performance. Few clicks are required to complete your business tasks accurately. Digitally done Business Transactions make it efficient and quick, saving time and effort.
At Sourcing Ease, we are committed to making your business process as efficient as possible. We strive to make it easy for you to do business with us. We have digitized and automated all the business processes so that you can get the most out of your time at work.

Automatic Creation of Documents

Sourcing Ease is an effective and efficient way to manage your business documentation. The system assists you in preparing, maintaining, updating, and distributing all the required documentation from generation to completion.
Sourcing Ease helps you automatically and efficiently create all the necessary documentation during your business transactions, ensuring accuracy in data and calculations. You can generate PDFs of all the documents created by the system for saving or printing.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Acquire your customers using the latest technology. Our Customer Relationship Management software helps to Manage and build relationships with your customers to assist in Business Awareness, Marketing and Sales.
Sourcing Ease’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a unique and powerful tool to manage the knowledge and data of your customers, suppliers or partners in one place. It allows you to track leads, manage relationships with different stakeholders, automate the process of order management, and conduct marketing activities with ease.
Your customers and suppliers will save time by communicating with you one-on-one on their own time with your CRM software. You will be able to save messages for future reference, and review the entire conversation history. You can even set follow ups in a timely manner. The software offers task management through a calendar, so everything is synced up between your team members.
Become a knowledgeable expert in your field by building relationships with your customers through our CRM software. With the help of this platform, you can manage communication with your target audience and raise awareness about your brand at the same time.
CRM underpins all aspects of your business, from site and store, design to marketing, and operations. it allows you to communicate with your customers more effectively, and build relationships that will allow you to grow.

HR and Payroll

HR and Payroll is a business essential that every company needs to run smoothly. But, with the diverse information management systems available in the market, how will you manage your organization? Now you can work professionally with this Integrated System and run the Company administration like a Pro. Use its handy features that can help your business run more smoothly.
This is One of the most used features of every company. It is also a significant element for an HR Manager. This Software helps you not just manage your employees but also manage their payroll and benefit plans. The Integrated system we offer will give you professional administration from your desktop, a smartphone, or any other device wherever you work from.
The Employee Information Management System Offered by this Platform has the top Attributes any HR and Payroll system can have for today's fast-paced business world. Our innovative platform offers many benefits to your workforce. Now you can Work professionally with this Integrated System and run the Company administration like a Pro. The HR & Payroll Software by Sourcing Ease comes with a user-friendly interface. It is designed to help you find what you need.
This HR and Payroll App is a comprehensive solution to control the Human Resource Services, Payroll Accounting, Time & Attendance, and other related processes. Use this tool to manage your company payroll, record employee data, and generate payslips. It provides your business benefits such as time-saving, easy invoicing, and bonus payment management. It also helps you reduce paperwork and focus on your core competencies. With its integration, you will see a significant upgrade in employee management and productivity.

Health & Fire Safety

We have included comprehensive health and safety management in our digital supply chain management platform. The platform allows for easy data entry and reporting of health and safety features, ensuring that all workers are protected under industry standards. The process includes monitoring the workplace conditions such as air quality, temperature, and noise levels, as well as regular safety inspections.
We also provide options for you to plan and upload extensive training and education for workers on health and safety practices, including proper handling of machinery and equipment, emergency procedures, and personal protective equipment (PPE) usage. Our platform allows for easy tracking and management of worker training and certifications, ensuring that all workers are fully equipped to handle any situation.
We understand that fire safety is essential for workers' safety in the textile industry. That's why our digital supply chain management platform includes a comprehensive fire safety management system, which covers all aspects of fire safety, from prevention to emergency response.


Effortless Accounting
Say farewell to tedious number-crunching. Sourcing Ease streamlines your accounting processes, making financial management a breeze. Our digital tools simplify invoicing, expense tracking, and financial reporting. Stay on top of your finances so you can focus on what truly matters—growing your business. Trust us to handle the numbers while you take the reins of success.

E-Contracts and e-Signatures

We Understand the Significance of the Security of Digital Business Transactions between two members of Supply Chain. To achieve this purpose, Sourcing Ease has integrated E-Agreements (Created automatically) and E-Signatures process at the time of Quotation Approval or before starting the manufacturing processes.

Data Exchange Made Accurate

Selected company Data, Information and documents can be shared efficiently and accurately with other departments or companies registered on our platform with your permission.
We know how important your data is to the success of your business. That's why we've designed our platform with the needs of companies in mind, so you can quickly and easily share accurate information with other businesses that have registered on our platform. Whether it's a company that you're already working with or someone new, we'll help you get the most out of every transaction.
We are a team of experts who understand the importance of accurate and timely information exchange across the supply chain. Our platform enables you to share your business data, information and documents with other departments or companies registered on our platform with your permission. The process is fast and convenient. You can also export selected company data, information and documents into a standard file format (XLS, PDF etc.).


Dedicated Storage Space is Provided to every Esteemed Registered Company of Sourcing Ease. You don't have to worry about Your PC storage limit anymore. Just enjoy saving as much data as you want in the Safe and Secure Space on the Web that is Exclusively Reserved for your Company.

Help & Support

We are here to help and support you. Make an appointment or just text us with your query, our support team member will reach you as soon as possible.

The Digital Product Passport

Sourcing Ease integrates a cutting-edge feature, the Digital Product Passport, allowing businesses to create and manage product information, including environmental data, across the supply chain. With this advanced tool, businesses can create, maintain, and manage comprehensive product profiles that go beyond basic details. This feature enhances transparency and traceability for products, aligning with sustainable practices and compliance.

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