Designers Modules

Design: Craft Your Vision

  • Detailed Product Creation: Bring your creative ideas to life by creating new products with intricate details and accompanying images within our platform.
  • Material Composition and Aesthetics: Define fabric material composition, colors, patterns, prints, and images to showcase your product's unique features.
  • Accessory Integration: Add accessory details along with images, enriching your product's essence and presenting a comprehensive vision.
  • Secure Storage: Safely store product images and details in a dedicated and secure storage space provided by our system.

Tech Pack: The Blueprint of Precision

  • Automated Tech Pack Creation: As you save a product, a detailed Tech Pack is automatically generated, encapsulating all product details and images.
  • Comprehensive Product Details: The Tech Pack includes sizes, colors, fabric compositions, patterns, prints, and accessory details with images, presenting a holistic view.
  • Efficient Storage and Retrieval: Save and access your Tech Packs effortlessly in the dedicated storage space for future references and streamlined workflows.
  • Seamless Sharing with Buyers: The Tech Pack is automatically attached when sharing designs with buyers or sending price quotes, ensuring clarity and professionalism.

Catalog: Display Your Expertise

  • Automatic Catalog Inclusion: Approved designs seamlessly integrate into your catalog, ready for showcasing and potential sales opportunities.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Watermarks and thumbnails are automatically added to designs in your catalog, augmenting their professional appearance.
  • Effortless Showcase: Display your designs individually or publicly with our registered companies in just a few clicks, enhancing your visibility and market reach.

RFQ and Price Quote: Streamline Procurement Processes

  • Digital RFQ Reception: Receive RFQs digitally from registered buyers, simplifying the procurement process and enhancing communication.
  • Effortless Quotation Creation: Create detailed price quotes swiftly and share them with buyers, including terms and conditions, to facilitate transparent transactions.
  • Secure Transactions: Receive approved price quotes/orders with the buyer's E-signatures on the terms and conditions agreement, ensuring a secure and agreed-upon transaction process.

Automatic Creation of Documents: Enhancing Efficiency and Accuracy

  • Streamlined Documentation: Save time and eliminate errors by automating the creation of essential business documents.
  • Document Types Generated: Various crucial documents such as Tech Packs, Quotations, Purchase Orders, Terms and Conditions Agreements, Invoices, and Catalogs are automatically created.
  • PDF Generation for Convenience: Easily generate PDFs of all documents, providing an option for saving, printing, or sharing, streamlining your documentation process.


We offer the designer to create the new products and save all the sketches, patterns & designs

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  • Create the new products with all the details and images through our system.
  • Enter the fabric material composition/blend, colors, patterns, prints, and images in our system.
  • Add all the accessories details with images that will be used in your product.
  • The Product’s images and details are saved securely in the dedicated storage space offered by our system.

We provide convenience and ease to our customers.


When you are done with all the designing then you will create a tech pack for your product.

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Tech Pack

  • A Tech Pack is automatically created with all the product details and images on saving the product.
  • The Tech pack includes all the sizes, colors, types and blends/composition of the fabric, patterns, prints, and accessories details with images.
  • Your tech packs will be saved in the dedicated storage space offered by our system for future use.
  • The Tech Pack is automatically attached when you share your design with buyers or when you send price quotes to them.

Your satisfaction is our aim.


Sourcing Ease Creates a Catalog automatically for your company on design approval.

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  • Approved Designs are automatically added to your Catalog.
  • Water marks and thumbnails are added automatically to your designs in the Catalog.
  • Easily showcase your Designs with our registered companies individually or publicly in a few clicks.

Sourcing Ease is efficient and time-saving. Time is money.

RFQ And Price Quote

Request for quotation can be sent within a few minutes through our system.

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RFQ and Price Quote

  • Receive RFQs digitally from registered buyers.
  • Create price quotes in a few clicks and send them to the buyers along with your Terms and conditions.
  • Receive the approved price Quote/ order with buyer’s E signatures on the terms and conditions agreement.
  • E sign the Agreement and ship/ send the design to your customer.

Sourcing Ease is efficient and time-saving. Time is money.


Sourcing Ease can fix this problem for you.

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Automatic Document Creation

Create all the Documentation automatically for your business processes with Sourcing Ease. In business, time is money and it should not be wasted. Creating documents manually with chances of mistakes and then in case of any mistakes, redoing the whole process again is a time and paper wasting hassle. Sourcing Ease helps you create all the documentation automatically and efficiently in no time throughout your business transactions with the accuracy of data and calculations.
Following Documents are being created in our system:

  • Tech Pack
  • Quotation
  • Purchase Order
  • Terms and Conditions Agreement
  • Invoice
  • Catalog

Sourcing Ease gives the option to Generate PDFs of all the documents created by the system to save or print.

We provide convenience and ease to our customers.

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