Textile Designers Benefits

  • Create detailed designs with watermarks and smart tech packs.
  • Get Automatically generated catalogs for your products.
  • Share your designs with supply chain participants in a few clicks.
  • Get RFQs from multiple customers in one place.

  • Send price quotes to customers in a few clicks.
  • Efficiently manage the production sample process.
  • Get Digital contract with E-signatures.
  • Get Automatically generated essential business documents.

Design with Freedom

Unleash your creativity with Sourcing Ease. Our platform empowers you to design freely, collaborate seamlessly, and share your creations effortlessly. Create detailed designs, watermark them, and expand your market reach with ease. Manage your entire journey, from design to sales, effortlessly. Elevate your designer career with us and step into a world of innovative excellence.

    Sourcing Ease offers the designer to create the new products and save all the sketches, patterns and designs in the dedicated storage space offered by our system. All the details could be entered in the system.

    Showcase your designs to the authentic Buyers through Secured Catalogs automatically created by Sourcing Ease and Sell your Design with the help of our Digital, Easy yet Efficient Sales System. Sourcing Ease Designers will get the Benefits as listed below:

    • Just Upload your Design’s Images and Files and Create a digital TechPack automatically.
    • Storage space is offered by Sourcing Ease where you can store data securely.
    • Automatically Created Catalog with thumbnails and watermark.
    • Select who to Show your Designs to, through Search and select the customer process of Sourcing Ease.
    • Receive RFQs digitally from your Customers and Send Quotes to them in a few clicks.
    • Creating contracts with the help of digital signatures.
    • Automatic creation of all the Documents like TechPack, Quote, Invoice, Puchase Order and Digital Agreement.
    • Easily Sell through our Sales Process with a few clicks.
    • SourcingEase offers working from home or from any location with an internet connection.

Seamless Digital Transformation

Embrace digital transformation for enhanced design productivity & competitiveness. Our platform equips you with innovative digital tools and resources to streamline your design processes, reduce manual errors, and adopt advanced technologies that enhance your design capabilities, driving your creative edge in a competitive market.

Empowering Digital Supply Chain

Leverage our digital supply chain to lower production costs and amplify design market penetration. With Sourcing Ease, you can instantly share and receive feedback on your designs, enhancing design flexibility and quality. Understand trends and maintain brand integrity by exploring other brands' materials, colors, and styles. Our platform provides a collaborative environment for designers, ensuring growth and innovation within the industry.

Boosted Sales and Reach

Present your designs to genuine buyers using secure, automated catalogs on Sourcing Ease. Our user-friendly digital sales system simplifies the sales process, enabling efficient transactions. Focus on your design work while we manage and track all your sales and transactions, ensuring a hassle-free selling experience. Streamline your sales operations, making selling your designs as effortless as creating them.

Enhanced Design Security

Protect your creative genius effortlessly with Sourcing Ease's robust design security features. Our platform offers user-friendly watermarking, e-signatures, and secure digital contracts to provide legal protection for your designs and agreements, ensuring your designs remain safeguarded from unauthorized use. Maintain exclusive control over your intellectual property and design with confidence, knowing that our security measures have you covered. Join us to experience design security like never before and create with peace of mind.

Efficient Storage and Accessibility

Bid farewell to storage hassles as Sourcing Ease provides secure, convenient storage for all your creative assets. Enjoy a password-protected web space to store your designs, accessible from anywhere. Rest assured that your designs are safe and protected from unauthorized access. Experience storage reinvented, giving you the freedom to focus on what matters—your design brilliance.

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