• A Complete Software Solution
    for the textile industry that automates
    all your business processes with an
    integrated and easy to use application.

  • Sustainable Practices Integration to
    balance the main assets of your business:
    Products, Processes, Profits,
    People, and Planet at home.

  • Sourcing ease manages and
    integrates all the factors of the
    Extended Supply chain efficiently.

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Find reliable manufacturers, create TechPacks, send RFQs and receive Quotes, track Orders status, manage Warehouse and Inventory and Sell to your Customers.



Create new TechPacks, get automatically created Catalog, share designs with authentic buyers, receive RFQ and create Quote for the design, get Order and sell it.



Receive RFQs from authentic buyers, create Price Quote, receive order, manufacture the products, check quality and ship in a few clicks.



Receive RFQs from authentic manufacturers, create Price Quote, receive Order and send the raw material.


Sustainable Extended Textile Supply Chain Management

One system to digitally cater all requirements of Textile Business and Extended Supply Chain Management System through a Software Application that manages processes starting from your raw material to finished goods that is from point of origin to point of consumption.

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Efficiency Is Our Goal

Sourcing Ease platform Integrates and Automates not only the business processes and transactions amongst registered companies of our platform efficiently but it automates your company's daily tasks as well to save your time and extra effort.


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Sustainability By Sourcing Ease

All Sourcing Ease users (Buyers, Manufacturers,Suppliers and Designers) will be guided and trained by us to follow the sustainability practices and do their business on this platform following these practices for over a time period, after that their sustainability rating gets visible to the authentic buyers.

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Collaborate with the other supply chain members to enhance the collaborative communication and execution. Information sharing amongst the collaborative partners leads to enhanced knowledge throughout the Supply chain. It helps to lower inventory levels, higher inventory turns and lower transportation and warehousing costs.

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Sourcing Ease lets the Supply Chain be more trackable, traceable and transparent, that is the products can be traced and tracked from the raw material to the end user. You can track the physical status of your order/ Production/ shipment easily.

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Use of the latest Web Based Technology helps in Reduction of Manual Work, Cost of Hardware Sophistication, Extra Storage requirements and Improvement in Data Quality and Accuracy Plus Speeding up the Information and Data Transfer amongst the Supply Chain Members.

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Digital Transformation

The Digitization and Automation helps to make your business processes Efficient, Paper Free, Secured, Quick and speedy, Accurate with Quality controlled Production. All these qualities of a business attract the Customers and take you to new heights.

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Data security is an essential part of Sourcing Ease. All the information is safe and secured on this platform and only you can access or share it with others. No one can access your company’s data without your permission. .

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Sourcing Ease strives to adopt new techniques, strategies and technologies to provide the best Solution to make your Business most Efficient, Productive and Profitable.
Regardless Of An Organization's Digital Sophistication, This Platform Is The Next Step Towards Innovation.  

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Business Growth

This Business Technology Platform can help you achieve your Business Goals by making your Company visible to the global buyers and expanding the business horizon for you. Your Ratings given by this system helps customers to decide to give you the orders hence more Business.

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Automatic Creation of Documents

Sourcing Ease helps you create all the documentation automatically and efficiently in no time throughout your business transactions with accuracy of data and calculations. You can Generate PDFs of all the documents created by the system to save or print.  

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Customer Relationship Management

CRM offered by Sourcing Ease helps to Manage and Connect with your Customers to assist in Business Awareness, Marketing and Sales.

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HR and Payroll

The Employee Information Management System Offered by this Platform with the Web Based Interface has the top Features any HR and Payroll system can have. Now you can Work professionally with this Integrated System and run the Company administration like a Pro.


Dedicated Storage Space is Provided to every Esteemed Registered Company of Sourcing Ease. You don't have to worry about Your PC storage limit anymore. Just enjoy saving as much data as you want in the Safe and Secure Space on the Web that is Exclusively Reserved for your Company.


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E-Contracts and e-Signatures

We Understand the Significance of the Security of Digital Business Transactions between two members of Supply Chain. To achieve this purpose, Sourcing Ease has integrated E-Agreements (Created automatically) and E-Signatures process at the time of Quotation Approval or before starting the manufacturing processes.

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Data Exchange Made Accurate

Selected company Data, Information and documents can be shared efficiently and accurately with other departments or companies registered on our platform with your permission.

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Help & Support

We are there to help and support you. Make an appointment or just text us with your query, our support team member will reach you as soon as possible.

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Sustainability Compliance
Is Our Goal

Sourcing Ease is your Ultimate Textile Business Solution!