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Sustainability Offered by Sourcing Ease

Besides providing the digital and agile solution for the textile Eco System, we have integrated the Sustainability practices to balance the main assets of your business: Products, processes, profits, people, and planet at home.

Sourcing Ease has embedded the sustainability practices in its system for its Supply Chain registered members as follows

Social compliance

Social compliance is a continuous process that exists to make sure that the business in question is constantly looking for methods on how to improve the health, morale, safety and working conditions of its workers, as well as how to protect the environment.

To keep a perpetual image / reputation / goodwill, registered companies of Sourcing Ease are motivated to adapt risk management strategies for sustainability. We believe that good working conditions and social compliance are the key success factors for any supplier. Scarcity or absence of social compliance can result in a form of deteriorated business.

We encourage and guide our member companies to follow the practices listed below:

No Poverty

Offer competitive wages and salaries set by the country standards.
Give fringe benefits to their employees.

Good Health and Well Being

Provide health facilities,
Health insurance
providing healthy nutritious food and clean water
Clean working environment for the employees

Quality Education

Provide better education facilities to their employees and their families

Gender Equality

Provide equal opportunities for both the genders
avoiding child labour.

Responsible consumption and production

We promote Recycling of the products
Treating waste and taking measures to avoid environmental damages
All chemicals and dyes used in the manufacturing processes should be non-hazardous, hypoallergenic and not-toxic..
Efficient use of natural resources like recycling of used water or using clean Energy to become a sustainable manufacturer / business.

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